Bloomtek LLP offers a cost-effective full range of IT and Network related professional services. Organization, preparation, and communication will demonstrate the keys to a successful relationship for the future.


Our Network Engineers are all Cisco network certified with multiple years of experience in LAN and WAN environements. Our Engineers are able to physically install and configure numerous types of different vendor equpiment for small to large sized projects/installations. We have experience with routers, switches, wireless controllers, wireless access points, DSL/TUT systems, IPTV, VoIP, and in-room automation from the following vendors: Cisco, HP, Aruba, Ruckus, Motorola, Samsung, Apple, Blue Socket, Dell, and more. We are able to complete thourough documentation pertaining to the installation after it has been completed in order to assure organization of the final product. These types of documents include: as-builts, network diagrams, port maps, WiFi survey reports, acceptance checklists, and any other required forms of documentation required by the customer.



Our Network Consultants are all Cisco design certified with multiple years of experience in LAN and WAN environments. Our Consultants are able to accurately reverse engineer a network from the layers 1,2,3 without affecting the current system in place in order to determine system functionality. By doing so we are able to discover and help you improve multiple areas of your existing network including infrastructure, cable managment, network hardware, WiFi coverage, WiFi funtionality. We then create thorough documentation regarding the existing solution and also the proposed solution. These types of documents include: as-builts, network diagrams, SOW's, BOM's, WiFi survey reports, and infrastructure SOW's for new cabling (Cat5, Cat6, Fiber Optics) requirements.

WiFi Implementation

We integrate WiFi systems into new and existing networks within indoor and outdoor environments. From physical access point installation and configuration to setting up WLANs and configuring wireless controllers we can take care of your wireless networking projects. Our Engineers have years of experience with Cisco, Ruckus, HP, Aruba, Motorola, Blue Socket, Apple, and Samsung platforms.

WiFi RF Site Surveys

All of our Engineers are familiar with multiple WiFi survey software platforms, specializing with the use of Fluke's Airmagnet. We have an inventory of test access points (Ruckus, Cisco, HP, Aruba, and Samsung) allowing us to test RF signal strength, channelization, and spectrum analysis within indoor and outdoor environments. We can complete site surveys for supporting WiFi design proposals created for future installations, scaning and testing existing solutions, and also after completion of all WiFi installations for verification of system functionality.


We provide project managment services for enterprise network installations and upgrades within hospitality, conference, office, and campus environments. We have Project Managers with years of experience and PMI certifications which allow for a well organized, maintained, communicative, and efficient project.


We provide support and implementation services for temporary network installations, conference events, tradeshows, keynote presentations, breakout rooms, and training labs.